Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The new single "ALL YOU NEED IS NOW" by Duran Duran is storming the itunes charts, moving into the #1 position within hours of release in the UK, US, Canada and Italy. The new video directed by Nick Egan shows the band today in the NOW..and then the not so NOW with vintage clips over the years. kinda cool. see if you can spot Simon flying a fighter jet.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Welcome to the third EP “Wild Fish” ; a mix of WAET's first 2 EPs : “Thanks for the Fish” and “Wild Child” with brand new remixes by Juiceboxxx, Chew Lips and Swedish newcomers PAaNik.

The virus has been spread… Wicked blogs such as Sentimentalist or Vanmusic already talked about it !

……— - - tracklisting - - —-……

1. Wild Child
2. Flesh and Blood kids
3. I can’t help myself
4. Eagles don’t sparkle 5. Wild Child (remix by Juiceboxxx)
6. Wild Child (remix by Chew Lips)
7. Flesh and Blood kids (remix by Paanik)

Out now on ITUNES click ——–>here<———–

We are enfant terrible & Last Gang Records
are pleased to announce their marriage

on Monday, twenty second of November
two thousand and ten

Toronto, CANADA

Hello Buddies, Yes it’s a big day for us ! We’ve been signed by Last Gang records.
We met them in Toronto last june, we had few drinks together and ….

This great label already works with awesome artists such as METRIC, CHROMEO, CRYSTAL CASTLES, BOYS NOIZE, DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979, MSTRKRFT, TIGA…

Today it’s the US release of our new EP (combinaison of our 2 first EPs).
December 6th will be the Europe release.
Our debut album is coming by spring

Nick Egan directs video for new Duran Duran single

it's a wrap for Nick Egan who recently directed the video for the new Duran Duran single "All You Need Is Now". Nick captured the Duran band in their natural habitat rehearsing in London. It's a stripped down affair, primarily shot on an HD flip cam. zipping back to LA and under the gun, Nick joined up with fellow director Paul Boyd to grab some footage of a new crop of Duranies at Bardot. A big thank you to the club for being great sports and allowing us to film sans the usual boring red tape (requiring and arm and a leg in location fees) most clubs demand. the video is going to be released on itunes just in time for Xmas. To see stills from the shoot and release details visit Duran Duran's official site.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrate Robynger's triumphant return to her motherland this weekend.. also marks We Are Enfant Terrible's first Canadian live dates!! TONS of important rockin' out and biz to get down to in my former home Toronto Canada. Runnin' around all over T-Town with WAET and THE ICARUS LINE for some marathon days and nights.
Toronto is where it all started for little baby Robynger in the music bizzz..working the Silver Dollar Room back when water dripped from the ceilings and rats were literally stage diving to the likes of Rollins Band, SNFU, DOA, Soul Side, No Means No....


Thu. June 17 - Young & Dundas Square w/ Mudhoney, 7pm
Fri. June 18 - The Great Hall w/ the X, buddyhead showcase, 1am
Sat. June 19 - The Bovine Sex Club, 2am

Fri. June 18 - Wrong Bar w/ Huartron/Last Gang showcase, 1am
Sat. June 19 - Lee's Palace w/ Cold Cave, 2am
Tue. June 22 - Silver Dollar Room w/ Zoo Bombs
Wed. June 23 - Casbah - Hamilton w/ Zoo Bombs

for a full NXNE line up check out www.nxne.com

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Icarus Line does Part Time Punks


The favorite place to be on Sunday nights in Echo Park, CA is the long standing party Part Time Punks, now in it's fifth year. PTP is a self described weekly that focuses on obscure and classic music coming out of America, UK and Europe from '78 to now. Punk, post-punk, new wave, no wave, pop, electro, shoegaze. Expect to see Tim Burgess and Alan McGee lolling about.

It was about time for LA's premiere art-rockers THE ICARUS LINE to hit the PTP stage. TIL play local shows few and far between. This Sunday June 13th at PTP, will be a rare chance to see them on their home turf. Even better, TIL will be blasting through a bunch of new tracks from the full length JCVSTIL (Joe Cardamone vs The Icarus Line) due out this fall. For the few I've played the new tracks to, hands down they all concur, this is a total classic hard, original rock album heart and guts and soul all the way..the kind of album that doesn't leave your turntable. turntable 'cause everything sounds better on vinyl.

check out one of the tracks from JCVSTIL click here WE SICK

Opening is Vice Cooler's new jam ACOCALIPS (Vice Cooler/XBXRX/Hawnay Troof + Tearist). Vice Cooler is one of my favorite people in the world. I watched him go nuts live in a scuzzy texas pool hall and totally piss off the local red necks by openly declaring his love for them. just to be fair, he gave out his home address so they'd know where to find him. Vice is fearless!

SUNDAY JUNE 13, 2010
doors 10pm
The Echo
1822 Sunset Blvd.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WAET does Chew Lips's Karen

If you're a fan of Chew Lips or We Are Enfant Terrible, it's no secret there's a mutual admiration society happening here. Check WAET's interview with CL on their blog from back in Sept '09.

A few months ago Chew Lips remixed WILD CHILD.

WAET returned the favor and remixed KAREN. What do ya think of their take on each other?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Vinyl from We Are Enfant Terrible!

It's here!!!!!!! 12" vinyl from We ARe Enfant Terrible. A banner day in any musician's career when the first slab of vinyl is lovingly held in their hands. Coming of age, a rite of passage! only 500 copies available! it's so new, the only way to get it is at one of WAET's shows.

A1 : Wild Child
A2 : Flesh and Blood Kids
B1 : Wild Child (Chew Lips remix)
B2 : Wild Child (Luminocolor remix)

May 20 Paris, FR - le Scoptione, dj set
June 04 Tourcoing, FR - Le Grand Mix
June 05 Calais, FR - Espace Gerard
June 08 Paris, FR - Batofar
June 18 Toronto, ON - NXNE, Wrong Bar
June 19 Toronto, ON - NXNE, Lee's Palace

more WAET news + brand spankin' new remixes + videos + gossip: www.weareenfantterrible.com

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dances With White Girls This Friday @ Pacha NYC

FROG is taking over the basement at PACHA in NYC this friday. dress code: hot pants

Nick Egan is AMped

Below Pic: a close-up pick taken on my camera phone (the last one before my crackberry cracked!) of Nick Egan's original print "AMPED".

Below Below Pic: Nick's old punk flyers from early London shows with The Clash double as a bar top for beer and wine service. Do you call this "Drunk Art"?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dances With White Girls goes to Quebec

Frog is off to the lovely french province of Quebec this weekend with a show tonight in Quebec City at the Boudoir Lounge. Tomorrow he hits my old stomping grounds Montreal at Velvet Club for the LUXE monthly. nice write up in the Montreal Mirror:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Sick by The Icarus Line #1 Download in Total Guitar Mag

UK all things rock and roll mag Total Guitar Magazine ranked WE SICK by THE ICARUS LINE as the #1 download of the month..click here to download the track and hear why.

“We Sick is our newest attempt at communicating to the rest of the world in a language that hopefully lands as universal and the guitars are really harsh too. The title comes from a quote in a movie about Watts. Holy Man is an appropriate partner because it is the unofficial anthem of the east side pusher. The corner quack or ghetto entrepreneur. Both of these tunes are a perfect gateway into the new full length.” - Joe Cardamone, The Icarus Line.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dances With White Girls rmx Lil Louis' Video Clash

From Dances with Love..."this was first just going to be a basic edit then i was like whatever lets just hopefully not ruin such a classic and bring it more in line with the thug house sound of my sets"

Dances With White Girls rmx classic Lil Louis' Video Clash download here

read up on Lil Louis and Video Clash here

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gachette of the mastiff vs Gastiff of the Maschette-Wild Child Remix


I’m fond of Gachette of the Mastiff, I had a few great times with the guys (I advise you to see their concert in a huge Berlin squat, for a “tilt” party I shot with my “attic addict” friends).

Listen and download it here :

We proposed them to remix because they’re changing everything they touch into acid. GaĆ«tan and Dominique make the synth sound as it has to : more sawing than a guitar, it’s full of turbines, it’s massive, it’s punk


Wild Child - MYD remix


I (thomas, the guitarist) love “Myd” works for years now, his former minimal-electro-pop period as well as his current tropical period. And because our “wild child” is built onto an afro rythm pattern, we wanted to go deeper in Africa, for a remix, by proposing Myd to work on it. The result is great to me, but never has a track divided us as much as this one, I’m sure you’ll be a part of those who love it.

Hit Meteor hits We Are Enfant Terrible


Hello Party People,

I know you’re waiting for the second remix of Wild CHild…. So here it is !

The Hit Meteor remix, listen and download if you like it!

Let me tell you how we met the guys who made this amazing minimal deviant tribal disco remix !

PopClo, our endless legs singer, use to organize electro parties all around Europe and every 2 months, the TILT party takes place in Lille, at the Supermarket Club, run by the Art Director of the Night Club - Peo Watson - who is no one else but a half of the duo Hit meteor. Quod Erat Demonstrandum !

Enjoy until the next remix !



For the next coming weeks, we’ll give you every Wild Child remix our friends made for us !

First one, the Chew lips Remix > listen and download if you like it !

We met the trio in UK last summer. we shared the same stages for 2 consecutive days @ the Secret Garden Party and @the Truck festival.

We felt in love with their blippy-electro-smart production and the fabulous voice of Tigs, the charismatic singer !

We’re actually working on a remix of their song “Karen”. Stay tuned….


We Are Enfant Terrible - WILD CHILD REMIXES!!

Wild Child - Luminocolor Remix

Thomas of WAET: Olivier, one half of “Luminocolor”, is one of my flatmates (I live in a house, a very big house in the country.. with many musicians), this song is not a remix, it’s a “mash-up”, or a “bootleg”, between waet and luminocolor tracks…

During one of their show they played this gorgeous tragic theme song, on which I could’n't stop singing the wild child lyrics in my brain.. and so we decided to mash the songs together .. we worked on it in our attic and then we came up with that creature.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Robynger International Artists at WMC 2010

Reschedule the ass and thigh transplants and hit these parties at WMC 2010:

kicking it off tonight..it takes my kindred spirit in all things babelike to get the party started. Hosted by my "fam" Rico Afrobots

AM ONLY & UNDOCUMENTED with my boy DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS set 11pm. gonna be the biggest event of WMC w/ MSTRKRFT, Gina Turner, Felix Cartel, Josh Wink and dozens more...
click here for more info

Cory Enemy with DJ Ruckus = PARTY CRASH!!

TROUBLE & BASS at the WHITE ROOM...my fave club in Miami where they dont try to shove bottle service down your pie hole. DWWG hits prime party time 3am..click here for party info.

Cory Enemy hits WMC 2010

Cory Enemy hits Miami WMC this week with a special DJ set as one part of PARTY CRASHERS with DJ Ruckus. The pair met while Cory was working on his band project PINK ENEMY, at famed producer Dallas Austin's studio in Atlanta. Cory's official remix credits tap Peaches, N.A.S.A., Pop Levi and co-remixes with Felix da Housecat for UFFIE, Passion Pit...the noise behind Misshape's catwalk tracks..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SXSW roundup


10. Sissy Spacek spotting

9. indecent 3am marriage proposal (answer no)

8. Rickshaw ride with snuggie!

7. Sleep number bed set to 0

6. Dinner with my fam Rico Afrobots finally eating something that falls under the definition of "food"

5. philosophical convo with Dave Foley at NXNE mixer

4. Travis Buddyhead throwing dead crab at OFF! during their set.

3. Owner of the Longbranch Inn insisting Joe C from The Icarus Line sing on top of the bar

2. The Icarus Line's Alvin Deguzman's demonstration how to "point with your lips"

1. Girl on imaginary stripper pole during Dances With White Girl's set at iheartcomix/Mad Decent Carniville

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Vestal Watch - Derek & Jonny, Rebel Rebel Clothing, Buddyhead, Rufus Raxlin and the good peeps at The Longbranch Inn, Rico from Afrobots, Mia Moretti, Bruce at BFM Media, Carerra, Steven & the gang at Levis and Fader, Marciano Agabon for snagging the Rad and saving my life, Kastner & Howlet for the hospitality, Brett & Adrian at Undocumented just for being you, Lee Anderson for getting the party started.

GOLD MEDALS: Thank you to all the bands that played the Vestal party on saturday; Hussle Club, Dios, Darker My Love, Chew Lips, Mini Mansions, The Icarus Line. and thank you to all the peeps who braved the bizarre freezing cold front early sat to witness a killer lineup.

GRAND PRIZE: to my talented artists The Icarus Line who drove 24 hours straight to make this party. They tore the roof (figuratively and literally as Joe was swingin' off the pipes!) off the Longbranch Inn. Dances With White Girls' non-stop-party-till-you-fuck set at the Beauty Bar had the entire place swinging in on mating ritual mode.

next year lucky #13 sxsw get ready.

Monday, March 22, 2010

barely back from sxsw and i have to say i had thee best one ever. gonna write more about my party next. i was wiped out. early morn saturday kicked off with a wake-up-call via Hussle Club a bloody mary and a day full of the best sounds..a 15 min time out at the Rad-i-sson, then hopped a pedi-cab over to the beauty bar to catch Dances With White Girls. Frog freakin' killed it!!!! danced my ass off along with everyone else to DWWG classics And Thats How We Live, new rmx Devils' Eyes by Drop The Lime, Girls Bug..eek!...sucked into a dance vortex. ominous set. I LOVE YOU DANCES!!!
thanx to VICE also for being on the money and having him drop by their house in texas..get the live rap on jiggle dat here

Dances With White Girls Interview - For more funny videos, click here

Spinner too thnx for working with modern technology snafus in getting this interview out..

Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSW week of mayhem...

this is my 12th SXSW and thought it was about time i threw a party. a user friendly party just like the good ole days of Southby when you could stumble into any venue and actually see every band you circled like a dork in your little schedule book. Toss the schedule out the window, do make a priority hit list. See you in texas:

Thurs. Mar 18

Fri. Mar 19
Dances With White Girls - DJ set 4:30: Vice Hype Machine Party, 302 E 6th St

Sat. Mar 20
The Icarus Line - 5pm: Vestal/RobyngerInternational Party, Longbranch Inn, 1133 E. 11th St.
also with/Mini Mansions, Dios, Hussle Club, Chew Lips, Darker My Love

Dances With White Girls - 8pm: AM Only party, The Beauty Bar, 617 E 7th St.

Friday, March 12, 2010

It was August '08 when WAET infiltrated my myspace page vis a vis a pic of one very happy geeky devil boy wearing big glasses and an Exodus metal tee. They seemed a little damaged and I wanted to know more. Oh happy day for Robynger! In one sitting, some of my favorite tastes; distorted guitar, compact digital programming, melodic keyboards that aren't syrupy, beats way up, sexy girl/boy vocals and most importantly, REAL stick in your noggin songs.. 8-bit New Order! Yes Please!

WILD CHILD VIDEO bad kids doing bad things!!

>>>>>> new single WILD CHILD and b-side FLESH AND BLOOD KIDS download here>>>>>>

Welcome to my blog, welcome me to the blogosphere!

It's 2010 and i'm finally getting around to making a blog. shut up. i was really busy making deals and moving and all kinds of managerial tasks. what better way to celebrate than to throw a party..i'm givin' er Sat. Mar. 20 noon - 6pm and you're all invited
if you love the rock, the electro and the electro-rock..mixed with pop and shoegaze for daze..can't miss: THE ICARUS LINE, MINI MANSIONS, CHEW LIPS, DARKER MY LOVE, DIOS, HUSSLE CLUB.
FREE with rsvp: events@vestalwatch.com
The Longbranch Inn, 1133 E. 11th St. Austin, TX