Thursday, April 15, 2010

We Sick by The Icarus Line #1 Download in Total Guitar Mag

UK all things rock and roll mag Total Guitar Magazine ranked WE SICK by THE ICARUS LINE as the #1 download of the here to download the track and hear why.

“We Sick is our newest attempt at communicating to the rest of the world in a language that hopefully lands as universal and the guitars are really harsh too. The title comes from a quote in a movie about Watts. Holy Man is an appropriate partner because it is the unofficial anthem of the east side pusher. The corner quack or ghetto entrepreneur. Both of these tunes are a perfect gateway into the new full length.” - Joe Cardamone, The Icarus Line.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dances With White Girls rmx Lil Louis' Video Clash

From Dances with Love..."this was first just going to be a basic edit then i was like whatever lets just hopefully not ruin such a classic and bring it more in line with the thug house sound of my sets"

Dances With White Girls rmx classic Lil Louis' Video Clash download here

read up on Lil Louis and Video Clash here

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gachette of the mastiff vs Gastiff of the Maschette-Wild Child Remix

I’m fond of Gachette of the Mastiff, I had a few great times with the guys (I advise you to see their concert in a huge Berlin squat, for a “tilt” party I shot with my “attic addict” friends).

Listen and download it here :

We proposed them to remix because they’re changing everything they touch into acid. GaĆ«tan and Dominique make the synth sound as it has to : more sawing than a guitar, it’s full of turbines, it’s massive, it’s punk


Wild Child - MYD remix

I (thomas, the guitarist) love “Myd” works for years now, his former minimal-electro-pop period as well as his current tropical period. And because our “wild child” is built onto an afro rythm pattern, we wanted to go deeper in Africa, for a remix, by proposing Myd to work on it. The result is great to me, but never has a track divided us as much as this one, I’m sure you’ll be a part of those who love it.

Hit Meteor hits We Are Enfant Terrible

Hello Party People,

I know you’re waiting for the second remix of Wild CHild…. So here it is !

The Hit Meteor remix, listen and download if you like it!

Let me tell you how we met the guys who made this amazing minimal deviant tribal disco remix !

PopClo, our endless legs singer, use to organize electro parties all around Europe and every 2 months, the TILT party takes place in Lille, at the Supermarket Club, run by the Art Director of the Night Club - Peo Watson - who is no one else but a half of the duo Hit meteor. Quod Erat Demonstrandum !

Enjoy until the next remix !


For the next coming weeks, we’ll give you every Wild Child remix our friends made for us !

First one, the Chew lips Remix > listen and download if you like it !

We met the trio in UK last summer. we shared the same stages for 2 consecutive days @ the Secret Garden Party and @the Truck festival.

We felt in love with their blippy-electro-smart production and the fabulous voice of Tigs, the charismatic singer !

We’re actually working on a remix of their song “Karen”. Stay tuned….


We Are Enfant Terrible - WILD CHILD REMIXES!!

Wild Child - Luminocolor Remix

Thomas of WAET: Olivier, one half of “Luminocolor”, is one of my flatmates (I live in a house, a very big house in the country.. with many musicians), this song is not a remix, it’s a “mash-up”, or a “bootleg”, between waet and luminocolor tracks…

During one of their show they played this gorgeous tragic theme song, on which I could’n't stop singing the wild child lyrics in my brain.. and so we decided to mash the songs together .. we worked on it in our attic and then we came up with that creature.