Monday, March 26, 2012

Cant Wait till tomorrow? Get Kick The Bass Now Gratis!

A giant Kick The Bass thanks to Magnetic Mag for sharing the love...Get Kick The Bass free download single from the EP's namesake and check out more info about Gosteffects and the latest in EDM culture:

Gosteffects Highly Anticipated EP Kick The Bass Out Tomorrow!


Over 52,000 soundcloud plays for the preview of this gem of an EP, #1 Hypem twitter charts....the wait is finally over. 

Hear it, Buy it here via SPINNER's listening party! 

Gosteffects serves up a witch’s brew of massive club anthems, dutchy tech house grooves, dubstep sensibilities and big kick drums ready for the floor. The biggest new buzz in electronic music, EDM fans will finally experience the highly anticipated release of Gosteffects’ EP ‘Kick The Bass’ on March 27th on Afterlife. 

SEE GOSTEFFECTS LIVE TUES MAR 27TH AT WOLF PARTY @ LE SOUK, NY NY - free, get there early to guarantee entry. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

They Come To Get Us! The Death Set invades major media!

It's been called "totally batshit" by SPIN, compared to a multi-million dollar Cartier commercial for it's incredible effects on a $120 budget by director Guilluame Panariello, it's invaded the radar of Entertainment Weekly,  blogger's are saying "I dont know what the fuck just happened"... it's being hailed as the video of the year, it's anarchy in NYC, it takes a nod to every pop culture super-hero, video game villian and tv-cartoon icon we grew up with, it's the disaster-flick-Death Set Takes Mahattan, it's "They Come To Get Us" and it's here!