Monday, March 22, 2010

barely back from sxsw and i have to say i had thee best one ever. gonna write more about my party next. i was wiped out. early morn saturday kicked off with a wake-up-call via Hussle Club a bloody mary and a day full of the best sounds..a 15 min time out at the Rad-i-sson, then hopped a pedi-cab over to the beauty bar to catch Dances With White Girls. Frog freakin' killed it!!!! danced my ass off along with everyone else to DWWG classics And Thats How We Live, new rmx Devils' Eyes by Drop The Lime, Girls Bug..eek!...sucked into a dance vortex. ominous set. I LOVE YOU DANCES!!!
thanx to VICE also for being on the money and having him drop by their house in texas..get the live rap on jiggle dat here

Dances With White Girls Interview - For more funny videos, click here

Spinner too thnx for working with modern technology snafus in getting this interview out..

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