Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SXSW roundup


10. Sissy Spacek spotting

9. indecent 3am marriage proposal (answer no)

8. Rickshaw ride with snuggie!

7. Sleep number bed set to 0

6. Dinner with my fam Rico Afrobots finally eating something that falls under the definition of "food"

5. philosophical convo with Dave Foley at NXNE mixer

4. Travis Buddyhead throwing dead crab at OFF! during their set.

3. Owner of the Longbranch Inn insisting Joe C from The Icarus Line sing on top of the bar

2. The Icarus Line's Alvin Deguzman's demonstration how to "point with your lips"

1. Girl on imaginary stripper pole during Dances With White Girl's set at iheartcomix/Mad Decent Carniville

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Vestal Watch - Derek & Jonny, Rebel Rebel Clothing, Buddyhead, Rufus Raxlin and the good peeps at The Longbranch Inn, Rico from Afrobots, Mia Moretti, Bruce at BFM Media, Carerra, Steven & the gang at Levis and Fader, Marciano Agabon for snagging the Rad and saving my life, Kastner & Howlet for the hospitality, Brett & Adrian at Undocumented just for being you, Lee Anderson for getting the party started.

GOLD MEDALS: Thank you to all the bands that played the Vestal party on saturday; Hussle Club, Dios, Darker My Love, Chew Lips, Mini Mansions, The Icarus Line. and thank you to all the peeps who braved the bizarre freezing cold front early sat to witness a killer lineup.

GRAND PRIZE: to my talented artists The Icarus Line who drove 24 hours straight to make this party. They tore the roof (figuratively and literally as Joe was swingin' off the pipes!) off the Longbranch Inn. Dances With White Girls' non-stop-party-till-you-fuck set at the Beauty Bar had the entire place swinging in on mating ritual mode.

next year lucky #13 sxsw get ready.

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