Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nick Egan directs video for new Duran Duran single

it's a wrap for Nick Egan who recently directed the video for the new Duran Duran single "All You Need Is Now". Nick captured the Duran band in their natural habitat rehearsing in London. It's a stripped down affair, primarily shot on an HD flip cam. zipping back to LA and under the gun, Nick joined up with fellow director Paul Boyd to grab some footage of a new crop of Duranies at Bardot. A big thank you to the club for being great sports and allowing us to film sans the usual boring red tape (requiring and arm and a leg in location fees) most clubs demand. the video is going to be released on itunes just in time for Xmas. To see stills from the shoot and release details visit Duran Duran's official site.

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