Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome Gosteffects to the Land of Robynger Intl

I have a new client and he goes by the name gosteffects. he's about to drop a series of monster og tracks in the new year via his label AFTERLIFE. he's like a golden goose, dropping golden eggs..getting ready for the release..he released a cover of the classic techno track by 90's DHS "HOUSE OF GOD" for free download here that hit #1 on Hype Machine's twitter charts...

l was impressed.......and then.....for fun he threw out a remix he did with Rule of Eight (who'll be out on his AFTERLIFE label) of Imogen Heap's "Just For Now" bootleg free download and it hits #1 on Hype Machine's most popular song charts. he's unsigned. no manager - until this week! (me), no big agency agent, used to be in Trash Yourself..he's from Oklahoma. the universe works in mysterious ways and i'm going to roll with it.

SLAVE TO SWEAT is coming end of Jan. an og gosteffects track that i predict some kid is going to cover as a classic in 2023. cant wait to share. until then, i'm sworn to secrecy. wait i lied. you can preview Slave To Sweat and a few other tracks at the gosteffects soundcloud sampler

upcoming shows:
02/17/11 :: DNCFLR @ El Steinvorth :: San Jose, Costa Rica
03/10/11 :: Club Stratus :: Phoenix, AZ

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