Thursday, February 10, 2011

Got 20 minutes for a little taste of tour madness from The Death Set? The new tour doc "THE ADVENTURES OF QUANNI CANNONZ” went up up today on VIceland.

Johnny Sierra from TDS had this to say about the doc...
"The Adventures of Quanni Cannonz is a retarded tour documentary detailing our tour with Girl Talk in 2008. Add two Australians, a Panamanian American, French American, Columbian American and your typical mohawked American into a van bought for $100. Then going on tour around the US and Canada getting punished by Mid West cops, grandmas almost dying in the front row of cafe shop gigs coupled with the ridiculousness of playing to huge Girl Talk frat crowds..."

Read the rest and check out the tour doc at Vice Magazine: THE DEATH SET IN “THE ADVENTURES OF QUANNI CANNONZ” - Viceland Today

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